Gluten-Free Mississippi Roast Nachos

Gluten-free nachos!? Sign us up! Start with our tasty Mississippi Pot Roast and add all the crunchy, creamy, nacho toppings you love for this awesome recipe!



  • Turn on oven’s broiler. In an oven-proof pan (pizza pan would be ideal but a cookie sheet will do). Lay out 1 bag of Siete Chips. Layer on top shredded roast meat, red onion, black olives, Pico de Galo and Pepper Jack Cheese. Place this under a broiler for 5-7 minutes. Allow for the cheese to melt.
  • Once all the cheese has melted, take the tray from the oven. Turn off broiler. Allow for the Nachos to cool for 1 min. Add in dollops of Guacamole, sour cream and cilantro all over the Nachos. Serve with lime wedges.
  • Enjoy!

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