How We Started

When I got married, my home life was filled with moments where friends and loved ones gathered around my table. Never was there a Sunday, holiday or even a Friday Happy Hour that wasn’t filled with a big meal, a lot of people and huge laughter. 

Fast forward 12 years. I found myself divorced and living alone with a 7-day workweek.

Weekday happy hours, Saturday night dinners and slow Sunday brunches were gone.

I knew the pain of eating alone, I also knew it didn’t have to be this way. Food became a reminder of the past; but I also knew food could be healing. I needed to get back to cooking and gathering. 

I launched this blog amidst a long divorce. Working Woman’s Food is where I started slowly cooking and gathering for people again. It was nothing more than sharing simple gourmet recipes and stories of small gatherings.

One day mom and I were talking about how she managed our home when I was growing up with four brothers. All this while being the CFO to an international import and export business.

  • She told me about the way she would plan her weekly menus and how easy grocery shopping was for her.
  • She reminded me I grew up in a home where we always ate dinner together.
  • On Sundays was always when aunts, uncles and what felt like a hundred cousins would descend on our home. It felt like we ate for hours.

She managed all this with a simple method of menu planning and stress-free grocery shopping. I quickly learned her approach by creating my own weekly menus, and grocery shopping became easy.

Once I got the hang of this approach, I thought every successful working woman should have this in their back pocket. Every woman should be equipped and encourage to cook and gather.

So, the Weekly Menu Guides and Shopping Lists email was born.

Today, Working Woman’s Food serves over 2,200 people nationwide. We send out Weekly Menu Guides and Shopping Lists. Our Shopping Lists are now linked to Amazon Fresh and InstaCart so you can shop for your groceries from the convenience of your phone. We now have a cooking shop where we offer the right kind of tools to make cooking and entertaining even easier. A pantry shop gets our customers the right ingredients, so their meals are even yummier.

Cooking with love and the best ingredients is key to nourishing. The way we gather matters. We’re here to make sure every working woman is equipped and empowered to cook and gathered so we all become better contributors to culture.