Goat Cheese, Grilled Ratatouille on Crostini

Serves 4


  • Heat the grill. Place vegetables and lemon on grill, making sure onion and lemons are cut side down, and covered. Grill lemon halves until lightly caramelized, 3 to 5 minutes total. Grill onion until it is heavily charred, about 7 to 15 minutes total. Grill peppers, zucchini, and eggplant until charred and very soft, about 3 to 8 minutes per side total. Transfer to a cutting board.
  • Grill bread until lightly charred and toasted, about 1 minute per side. Halve one or two of the garlic cloves and rub cut sides on the grilled bread. Mince remaining garlic clove and set aside.
  • Chop vegetables into bite-size pieces and transfer to a large bowl; toss with the juice of 3 of the grilled lemon halves, the minced garlic, olive oil, basil, thyme leaves, ½ teaspoon salt and some black pepper to taste. Adjust seasonings as needed, adding more lemon juice (from remaining lemon half), salt or oil, or both, as needed. Set aside.
  • To serve, arrange ratatouille, grilled bread and goat cheese on a large platter. Sprinkle thyme leaves, pepper and flaky salt over goat cheese. Or spread goat cheese on toast, sprinkle with thyme, pepper and flaky sea salt, then top with some of the ratatouille to make crostini.

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