Eggplant Steak with Herb and Feta Wild Rice Tabbouleh

The perfect addition to your Meatless Monday recipe list!


  • Preheat a barbecue or grill pan over a high heat.
  • Place oil, garlic, lemon zest, juice, sweet paprika, cumin and cinnamon in a small bowl, season. Brush eggplant with half of the oil mixture. Grill eggplant for 3 minutes either side or until tender, then transfer to a large serving platter.
  • To prepare the rice tabbouleh, heat rice according to packet instructions. Set aside to cool. Place rice, tomato, herbs and remaining oil mixture into a bowl. Season and toss to combine.
  • To serve, scatter rice tabbouleh over eggplant and top with crumbled feta and pomegranate seeds.

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