Easy Sesame Shiitake Mushroom Beef on Rice Noodles

Serves 4


  • In a shallow baking dish, season both sides of the sliced skirt steak with 1 TSP salt and 2 TSPS freshly cracked black pepper. Set aside.
  • Boil water for rice noodles and cook to manufacturer’s instructions. Once the noodles are cooked, remove from the cooking liquid, set aside the noodles and save some of the cooking liquid.
  • Get a sauté pan or deep wok hot over high heat. You know it’s ready when you splash a bit of water on it and the surface of the pan creates water beads. Once the pan is hot, add ¼ Cup canola oil and fresh Shiitake mushrooms, add ½ TSP salt and toss very quickly until the mushrooms are soft and caramelized, about 5 minutes. Remove mushrooms from the hot pan and set aside.
  • Now add 1 TBSP canola oil, chopped onion, minced garlic, sliced jalapeno, and minced ginger, saute for 3 minutes. Now add seasoned skirt steak and toss very quickly, this will cook in less than 2 minutes. Add back the mushrooms, toss 2-3 times. Then add fish sauce and toasted sesame oil. Taste the pan sauce and see if it needs more salt, pepper, or sesame oil, add as needed. Add rice noodles and gently fold the mixture together. If it gets sticky add 1-2 TBSP (at a time) of the reserved noodle liquid.
  • To serve: place Sesame Shiitake Mushroom Beef on Rice Noodles on 4 individual plates and top with toasted sesame seeds as well as sliced green onions and place a lime wedge on the side.

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