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We know you want to get back to doing the thing you were born to do: wow your guests with exquisite meals.

We also know the Covid-19 shutdown hit the restaurant industry particularly hard. You had to pause or redefine the way you cook for a living. These days feel uncertain. We believe everyone should do work that allows them to live their purpose and make the most of their potential.

Like you, I belong to the Hospitality Industry. For nearly 20 years I owned a corporate events planning agency. My team and I delivered 1500 events from California to all over the country. When the Covid-19 shutdown happened all our events were canceled, and I was forced to close my company. This left me with a database of over 500 local clients who would love to (and are longing to) gather with family, friends and colleagues.

This is why we are launching Chef to Table. At Chef to Table we bring a restaurant experience to our client’s dining room. When a client books a chef with us, the chef does what the chef does best ~ create a memorable meal guests will treasure forever.

Clients are afraid their holiday plans are going to be canceled. You can give our clients the confidence that their holidays are still in the books. You can experience another busy and money making holiday season like in years past. You can go and do the thing you were made to do write incredible menus, source the best ingredients and cook your heart out.

Complete this application today to be accepted on our Chef Bench.