A Holiday Celebration You’ll Savor Forever.

All in the comfort and safety of your home.    

Five-Star Meals

Your meal served impeccably

Memories You’ll Savor Forever

Just because dining out is limited doesn’t mean your holiday meals come in to-go boxes.

Give your guests a fine dining experience with their own chef this season.

Taking reservations from October 30, 2020 thru
January 4, 2021

Serving parties
of 4 to 20 guests

Do you need servers, china, glassware,  flowers, wine pairings, and a bar service?

All available upon request.

Some people just know how to craft the perfect experience.

We are these people.

Our chefs have delivered the perfect dining experience for decades. Now, you and your guests can have the same exquisite five-star meal all in the comfort and safety of your home. Our chefs cook while you savor every moment.

The Chef to Table Plan

The chef prepares your five-star menu

Your meal is impeccably served

You savor
every bite

Your well-being and peace of mind comes first.

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With most things this year being cancelled because of Covid-19, your holidays don’t have to be one of them!