Why did you start Working Woman’s Food blog?

Working Woman’s Food was a silly little hash tag that I used to track the pictures of meals I posted on Instagram (yes, I am one of those). Then I started getting requests for recipes for  pictures I posted. Posted recipes became posted menu guides. Why I needed to start this blog, a space to share recipes and thoughtful menus. All to equip and encourage every working woman (and man) to cook and gather.

What do you love most about blogging?

Blogging is the perfect cocktail of all things I covet: food, cooking, entertaining, travel, photography, style and {of course} writing. I am obsessed with it. The cherry on top is when I hear from my readers about how the menu guides and recipes have helped them create a more meaningful experience around the dining table.

What’s your least favorite part of blogging?

How long everything takes. Blogging is actually a lot, and when I say a lot, it’s a mountain of work. It’s never easy. And since I already have a full time job, blogging {which I’ve fallen hard for} is a major time and creative-energy commitment. The hustle is, without a doubt, real. And having said all that, I would not have it any other way. Working Woman’s Food has given me a focus and discipline like none I have ever experienced before. This project has taught me the value of being thoughtful and intentional in all I include in every post, photo and recipe.

Your photos, who takes them?

I have a pool of incredible photographers, including David Chayawatna , Susan Yee , Melissa McArdle and Mike Kire .

I also take photos with my trusty Nikon D40 fixed a Tamaro 200mm lense.

What WordPress theme do you use?

My theme is a custom piece created by the incomparable Ms. Brandi Bernoskie. Brandi is the founder, strategist and web developer of Alchemy+Aim . She is the best, period.

What recipe plug in do your use?

Easy Recipes. And it really is super easy to write recipes with Easy Recipes. Ha!

What cooking tool can you not live without?

Wooden spoon and my 10” J.A. Henkels chef’s knife.

Favorite cooking vessel?

Fire-engine red Le Cruset Dutch Oven.

Favorite cookbook author?

Patricia Wells of Simply French and The Paris Cookbook {to name a few}.

Can’t live without hand appliance?

Immersion blender {there is simply no other way to make an omelet.}

What’s your favorite thing to make?


How often do you cook?

2-3 nights a week

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, black. And lots of it.

How do you mix your cocktail?

Vesper – 2 parts Tanqueray gin, 1 part Belvedere vodka and the tiniest splash of Lilet Rose, served up with a lemon twist. Divine.

Favorite restaurant?

Gosh … how does one answer?

I love these places and not in any particular order:

In n’ Out {Tustin, CA}, Sushi Niko {Little Tokyo, Downtown LA}, Café Jaunty {Yountville, CA}, Milk Bar {New York, NY} Le Crocodille {Vancouver, BC}, Osteria Alle Testiere {Venice, Italy}, Via Mare {Manila, Philippines}, Summer Palace {Manila, Philippines}

… And counting.

Favorite Foodie City?

I need a tiebreaker … Seattle and Manila