Patricia has a secret.
A few, actually.

About Working Woman’s Food:

Working Woman’s Food is all the gourmet with none of the hassle. Patricia started this project when she realized that slowly, the meal times she remembered as a child were slipping away, only to be replaced with rushed dinners where no real conversation occurred. She made the decision to slow things down and bring family and friends back to the table, creating moments filled with good food and fantastic memories. The table is the place where we all cook and gather, and Working Woman’s Food was created to equip and encourage women (and men) to embrace their inner gourmet.

Working Woman’s Food takes the complications out of meal planning, recipes and creating grocery lists and allows you to focus on the people you love while enjoying delicious, healthy meals. Are you ready to get started? Sign up for our weekly mailing list to receive your first meal and shopping guides.

About Patricia:

I have a love for food because I love what it brings, people to my table and conversations filled with light and laughter. I am an entrepreneur by trade, however this one thing I hold sacred, an hour spent around a table. Because after all, what is a home without people in it? What is a table without people surrounding it? What is a dinner without noses to smell it and mouths to enjoy it? And what are we working for if we forget to provide? We work in order to support ourselves and those that we love; yet if we aren’t careful we lose sight of the things that are truly important – the moments in life that create treasured memories. This is where my two professions of party planning and culinary training come alive. My heart behind Working Woman’s Foods is not to just hand out recipes, but to create meals made with fresh, healthy ingredients that are simple to prepare and encourage family and friends to linger a little longer. My desire is to create food for the soul and memories to cherish, to bring together beautiful atmospheres full of people with meals that are unforgettable. So go ahead and set the table, we have some cooking to do.