Just What You Need For Friday The 13th

May 13, 2016

Hello & Happy Friday…that’s actually Happy Friday the 13th to be exact. A day marred by superstition and shall we say…bad luck…ekkk! Whether there is any merit to the superstitions surrounding this day will remain uncertain. So if you feel the need to bundle yourself up safe inside on this eerie Friday, we have just the right items to keep you occupied.

Friday13th copy1

1.White Truffle Oil

2. Popcorn Maker Machine

{have you ever drizzled truffle oil on your popcorn!? It’s TO DIE FOR! No pun intended}

3. Weekend Sweater

{because it’s the weekend and bundling up is a necessity}

4. Voss Water – {because…stay hydrated}

5. Grill & Panini Press

6. Artisan Cheese Board Kit

7. S’mores Maker

{tasty snacks are imperative for weekend survival}

8. Airbnb

9. Vacation Tote

{while you’re bundled up plan your next excursion/vacation}

{& don’t forget to pack your passport}

10. Netflix

{catch up on shows or start up a new series}

11. Hanger 1 Vodka

12. Moscow Mule Mugs

{what’s a weekend without vodka, try this refreshing cocktail}

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