French Women Don’t Get Fat

May 16, 2016

France has been elegantly chosen.

Chosen by Providence in culture, fashion, art, gastronomy and viticulture. It boasts an impeccable resume with recommendation letters written by the likes of Gershwin, Porter, even Julia Child. Most impressive, in my opinion for its gastronomy, known for a myriad of amazing delicacies. From the wine, cheese, chocolate, pastries, baguettes, bouillabaisse, foie gras, shall I go on? There isn’t a bad morsel in those shores. Not. A. Single. One.

Qui est la vie…


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So, here’s the million dollar question {you might have pondered this yourself} why French women don’t get fat? Surrounded by all things savory, sweet and delectable, how does one not go overboard and become overweight? Meanwhile, back on American shores, we can’t take a look at a slice of baguette or sniff at a sliver of butter without the flutter of fatty { fill in the blank }.


Naturally, I wanted to start a pros-vs-cons list and found instead, Mirelelle Guilano’s wildly successful book French Women Don’t Get Fat for some invaluable insight and advice {Buy the book here} . French native, Mirelille Guiliano, takes readers through her journey of being an exchange student in America. Upon landing back to her homeland France, she unceremoniously carried an unwanted 20 {American} pounds. Scandaleux!

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It’s been said that the habit we create and curate weave the fabric of our lives. Here are nine habits we can fold into our every day.

~ Eat smaller portions of more things. Versus, eating larger portions of fewer things.

~ Opt in for more vegetables and fruits.

~ If you can avoid anything that has “fat-free” , “sugar-free,” or anything artificially stripped of natural flavor. Go for the real thing in, moderation.

~ Don’t snack all the time.

~ Never let yourself go hungry { truss important! }

~ Never stuff yourself { encore plus important!! }

~ Never eat standing up, on the run or in front of the TV. { OUI? }

~ Walk everywhere you can.

~ Go to farmer markets for your groceries every other day, never stock up on large food hauls.

Part of the book’s philosophy is making little alterations to your eating habits steadily over time instead of subjecting yourself to tasteless “diet” food and unsustainable extremism.

At the end of the day eating, dieting, or call it what you may, it all comes down to about a balance between indulgence and self-control. Don’t give up the things you love; do give up the things that you can live without. Never eat something just because it’s there. If you put it in your mouth it should be for one of two reasons: you love it, or it’s good for you (preferably both!).

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As a treat {because you made it to the very end of this post} … here’s a recipe for one of my favorite french dishes. Coquille St. Jacques.

Patricia’s Coquille St Jacques


A meal married with cooking ought to be desired, looked onto with anticipation and savored. Savor, now there’s a word that bests describe the time we spend eating and those we dine with.

… For if nothing else, these are the moments we live for.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, mes amours,


Patricia et Natalie

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